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Did you know that Eureka! Seminars is bringing three of Europe’s most outstanding clinicians and researchers in pelvic and lumbar pain and temporomandibular/pain to the U.S.? Renowned clinical anatomist, Prof. Dr. Andry Vleeming will teach the Clinical Anatomy course and new Pelvic Girdle Pain and Spine Course. Dr. Ruth Jones will teach the Private Detective series about pelvic pain and dysfunction and Dr. Harry von Piekartz covers the CRAFTA courses.

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Eureka! Seminars provides manual therapy and pain science courses throughout the year and across multiple continents in order to serve our students as efficiently and effectively as possible. New course dates are added to the schedule often, so check back soon for updates. If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Avelene Mahan, Course Coordinator, at (855)209-1832 or email her at

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Get details about the locations for upcoming Eureka! Seminars courses, including lodging recommendations and driving directions. Courses are currently scheduled for Arizona, North Carolina, Maine Maryland, Wisconsin, and Wyoming with new locations being added worldwide. Check back periodically for new course offerings and see if we are coming to a city near you. Want to sponsor a course at your location? Call (855)209-1832.

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Find the Eureka Seminars time and location that fits your needs.

Course Sponsorship Opportunities

An increasing number of professional sports teams, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, private physical therapy practices, and other professional organizations are hosting or sponsoring Eureka Seminars courses or lectures. Some of these courses are only for their own professional staff development (sponsor format), while others have been opened to the local health care community (host format).

State physical therapy chapters have sponsored Eureka Seminars courses as part of their state continuing education programs. Sponsorship opportunities are available for all Eureka Seminars courses.

For information about hosting or sponsoring a course or courses, please contact our offices at 855.209.1832 or