Eureka Seminars is excited to bring a unique clinical anatomy course to the United States. World-renowned physical therapist and clinical anatomist Dr. Andry Vleeming will teach a three-day clinical anatomy course at the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine, in Biddeford, Maine. Students with a background in dry needling are preferred. Dr. Vleeming has been teaching clinical anatomy in many countries and universities emphasizing the role of clinical anatomical knowledge to influence a better outcome of treating patients.

The course will review the clinical anatomy of the human body with a focus on the evidence-based clinical management of patients with various pain syndromes. Each day will start with a lecture about clinical pain syndromes of the spine and pelvis, upper and lower extremities. During the first lab session of each day, students will have the opportunity to explore the human anatomy from a dry needling perspective and verify the 3-dimensional anatomy and dry needling techniques. During subsequent lab sessions, Dr. Vleeming will illustrate current clinical insights with detailed anatomical studies. Each day will focus on a different part of the human body.

The course tuition includes refreshments and lunch. This course is limited to only 25 students.
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