Dr. Jan Dommerholt with the ATP Physiotherapists in London, UKOn the Cranial Facial Treatment Academy (CRAFTA®)

“Thank you for bringing CRAFTA to the States.  I really value the high quality of education that Myopain Seminars provides and setting the bar higher for physical therapists that want to keep advancing in their field.  I really value the relationships and networking opportunities that I develop through class participation and instructors.  Thank you!”

—Dr. Grace Tang, PT, DPT, CCTT,  Morrisville, NC

“A fantastic, comprehensive course full of information to enhance clinical reasoning in the entire cranial region – for differential diagnoses and treatment!”

—Dr. Jason McElroy, PT, DPT, Boonsboro, MD

“Great diagnostic, practical and clear critical thinking skills all presented in an interesting and clear manner.  The use of case studies helps bring it all together so I know I can use it on Monday morning in the clinic.”

—Melita Hatton, BAppSc, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“This course was fantastic and well above my expectations.  The instructor, Michiel Trouw, provided all the theory and research behind the CRAFTA techniques followed by teacher demonstrations and hands-on labs.  The online modules are great for reference and review of information and techniques learned in class.  I am so excited to have new ways to address a patient population that I could often help only temporary, but they would rebound.  Now I have the tools to address the source of pain.  Thank you Michiel and thank you Myopain Seminars for bringing CRAFTA to the US!”

—Jennifer Taylor, PT, MPT, COMT, Annapolis MD

“Headache patients deserve better treatment than what most get. This class provided learning and skills that are not taught by any other physical therapy-based provider.  It challenges the physical therapist to accept the complexity of the patient and treat accordingly.”

—Dr. Kathy Blair, PT, DPT, OCS, Casper, WY